Moving On

Monday, July 31, 2017

How ironic, me writing a blogpost about moving on, when I'm the least capable of doing so. . .

Nevertheless, let's get real. 

Strangely this picture was taken during a considerably dark time in my life this year. WHAT?! Lindsey, are you saying your glamorous pictures of you dancing on the Brooklyn Bridge were all a facade? YES, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I'M SAYING. 
I think I plan trips at points in my life where I'm trying to distract myself from feelings. 
I take a lot of trips. 

Let's start with what we're moving on from. 

Yours might be a crush that didn't happen, or an unnecessary fight with a best friend, I really don't care how big or how small, shit happens, and big or small, it can TAKE. OVER. YOUR. LIFE. 
Mine happened to be a cheating boyfriend, low self confidence, and family issues. Am I just trying to copy the plot of Girlboss? Pretty much. 

It's hard to look back and think about how I let it impact me. I'd only sleep a couple hours a night, and when I wasn't sleeping I was throwing up or crying. It seems unreasonable and overdramatic, but I now completely understand the quote "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." 

I had my fair share of nights where I thought moving on was supposed to happen at a frat house.

That was obviously a misjudgment. 

I legitimately couldn't tell you how many times I drunk called.  

S O  M A N Y. 

I stayed angry for a long time. Angry to the point where really exciting things would be happening to me and I'd let the anger overrule them. I was intentionally living my life trying to make people who wronged me mad, it's sad to admit but I think it's common and it can consume you.

I'm a sucker for quality cheesy quotes, so here's one for you if you're going through the same thing:

Cut the bullshit. 

Yes, I could have dragged five of my favorite quotes from my Pinterest board and called it a day, but honestly, CUT THE BULLSHIT. 

People are going to screw you over, that's life, sucky people exist. We just have to hope that one day they stop being sucky to other people.  

Do what you have to do. Have the dramatic nights where you cry in the shower and rant to your mom about how awful they are, end of the day, time will heal. So buy yourself a new dress, figure out a master plan of how you want to take over the world, and order yourself a damn margarita. 

I may have needed to stop in for happy hour and get myself a margarita before finishing and publishing this, no shame. 

Don't waste your time on something that's not going to matter two years from now. 
I know it's hard to think with that mindset, but once you do, letting go becomes a lot easier. 

Good things happen. 

Love is real. 

We will all be okay. 

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