3 AM Nonsense

Thursday, August 17, 2017

I felt the urge to write tonight. 

But then I thought to myself
"No! You have no major life event to talk about! What would people want to read about?"

And then I thought to myself 
"What the actual fuck Lindsey, it's your personal blog about your own life that strangely has a large following in South America, who actually cares what you write about."

I'm currently in-between "Life events," which is almost weird for me to say. This concept that life's not really happening until the next big thing. I tend to do this a lot, I'll distract myself from current situations with the optimistic outlook that in a week school's starting, or I'm flying somewhere, or something big is happening and all of my energy will be poured into that one thing.

It's 3am. 

I just stayed up making some art for a friend and crying by myself while watching Lorde music videos, I think Lorde's becoming a reoccurring thing here? But I just got a really weird feeling that resulted in me laughing while crying and dancing by myself to Hard Feelings/Loveless. I felt really happy in the current moment, being "in-between" events. Sometimes I feel like I don't realize how much I'll miss normal things until they're no longer normal, so here's a list of things that have made me happy within the last week of my life. 

If you're still reading and you read past that whole section about me crying by myself (honestly why are you still reading at this point lol) 

Make your own list. 

I don't care if you think it's sappy as hell. 

August 13-18th moments
-Arrived home from traveling to a made bed
-My mom called me by my nickname Frank 
-Used a washer for the first time in 4 months 
-Watched shark documentaries until 2 am 
-Screamed to 2000's hits with Mer on the highway
-Ran to a coffee shop in the pouring rain 1 mile away
-Said fuck it and ordered happy hour
-Sent some bold texts
-Ran into Lake Calhoun fully clothed at 9pm in the rain
-Admired plans for future apartments in Ikea
-Forced my dad to be uncomfortable in front of people to get a new LinkedIn photo
-Ordered a medium cone instead of a small because it was a good day
-Bought Chacos and got way too excited
-Drove in a convertible while jamming with quality humans
-Talked about life on a coffee date
-Had a solo Lorde dance party at 3am and wrote a blogpost

Here's to small moments. 

Go call your mom. 
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