How The F*** Did I Get Here?

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Trying to take over the world, one thank you letter at a time . . .

I had just turned 19. 

I switched my major from engineering to design and I was as lost as they come. 

Things somehow worked out for me, so I'm hoping the story of how I got here helps get someone else out of a funk or chase some type of dream, or maybe to just buy a plane ticket. Whatever does it for you. 

I was on a mission, and my mission was New York and something fashion related. If there's one thing I've learned throughout the past few years of trying to get places in my career, it's that people truly want to help you. Some just might not have time to respond or reach out, but you have to assume people have good intentions and care until they give you a reason to believe something else. So reach out, use who you have, start wherever you can. 

Here's the turn of events.

1) I started working on something that I actually wanted to work on in school. Mine was a magazine, yours might be some cool science experiment, I don't really care, in the end it's just something you actually want to invest time into. I think this was the biggest step out of them all, mainly because it made my major fun and opened my creativity to something that didn't have a grade or restrictions. I owe a lot to that magazine. 

2) I sent a lot of emails. A lot. I had just turned 19 and I had a sudden surge of wanting to take over the world, so I sent a shit ton of emails. I emailed people I admired, I emailed names from magazines that I would write down after seeing them as I sat and read them for free in a Barnes and Noble, I stalked the internet for creative directors at companies I liked, I emailed people that I knew would never email back, I emailed emails that probably weren't even emails, get it? I just emailed. I would spend full weekends doing this, hundreds of emails, and finally, one responded. Thankfully, sometimes all you need is one. Because of that one email response, I was alone on a plane flying out to New York and hanging out with Vanity Fair. 

3) Found my dream job. Did everything in my ability to get said job. I think a dream job is important to have, mainly just so you have something to aim for, I don't think any job is unrealistic, unless you're trying to be the next Lorde, there's only one Lorde. 

4) Sent some over the top thank you letters. LOL THANKS MOM. The best thing my mom did while raising me was teach me the power of thank you letters. I send them to everyone, for everything, and they've been responsible for probably half of my job experiences. I'm talking me running around Philly during my 24 hours of being here for an interview, trying to find a Fed Ex that would print my handmade thank you letters on some heavy matte card stock and overnight ship it to the people I interviewed with. 

5) Happiness. Be happy with where you're at. Don't compare yourself to that 10 year old dancing prodigy on youtube or the 17 year old model on Instagram. Success means a lot of different things to people, and it happens at different times for everyone. Just be happy, accept that you are where you are and make the most of whatever stage you're at. 

I'd like to address the point that I'm still struggling with my career. I know me writing up some long ass blogpost about how to make it in your career is me acting like "Hey what's up!!! listen to me because I have so much to teach you!!!" But in all actuality, I'm also confused with what's next for me, I just wanted to give some advice to young lil me who was slightly more lost in world. 

Email people, save up, buy a plane ticket, try and make things happen. 

Stay cool, 
Call your mom. 

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