Cinque Terre

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

I went to Cinque Terre for 36 hours. Here's what went down. . .

The trip started off with us realizing that we waited until the last day to book our train tickets and frantically making our friend go to the train station at 8 in the morning to try and buy them. We then realized we bought tickets for the wrong time, so we had to pack in fifteen minutes and try and catch a taxi in the pouring rain. Once arriving to our platform, our train got hit by lightening and delayed, so pretty much the world was telling us to not go to Cinque Terre. Did we still go? yes. Did I end up sick and with a scratched cornea? yes, but that's besides the point. 

Here's a list of events that happened while I was there so I'll never forget what happened that one weekend in Cinque Terre:

1) Arrived and had to wait on a street for an hour to hide from the Airbnb owner so she wouldn't see how many people we had staying lol. 
2) Hit the town and tried to find some pizza.
3) Stumbled upon a bar with strong drinks instead (anyone in La Spezia, Distro is your place).
4) Got way too drunk off of a single Amaretto Sour.
5) Somehow ordered a pizza that shouldn't have been considered pizza.
6) Went back to the bar and had two more Amaretto Sours, the second one was definitely not an Amaretto Sour, but it was free so it worked. 
7) Ran around town and hiked up a never-ending staircase to see the city at night. 
8) Made it back home and slept on a chair cushion on the terrace.
9) Woke up to people screaming on the street at 4 am.
10) Bought a ticket for the beach and ate a Big Mac.
11) Got to the beach only to be told we couldn't actually swim at the beach , left the beach.
12) Ate another pizza.
13) Finally made it to the beach beach, only to find that it was Cancun 2.0 and there were frat boys playing Skrillex and getting their calves massaged while drinking out of buckets. Swam anyway, got trampled by the ocean waves. 
14) Went to the final town and watched the sunset.
15) Found a hole in the wall restaurant and ate cheap pasta. 
16) Watched a storm roll in at night and cried for the 5th time that day. 
17) Drank Lemon Chello out of a McDonald's cup and waited for the train home. 
18) Made it home and realized that I somehow scratched my cornea and was partially blind. 
19) Yolo

Here's to salty hair and 7 Euro pasta.

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