Favorite Life Moments

Monday, September 18, 2017

Shoutout to really living . . .

I sat down and wrote a really long blogpost about dying and feelings and I just held down the delete button and watched it all slowly disappear, because that's not the point of this at all. 

Long story short, I saw someone dead in the middle of the street out of a car window this weekend and I stepped into a tube station a half hour after a bomb went off due to a delayed flight. 

I've been thinking a lot about if I'm 'truly living' or just floating by, and after all this I decided to ensure that I was truly living, and after this weekend I'd like to think I am. 

Here's to lists of favorite life moments that sound like they belong on a graphic tee at Old Navy. 

Here's to dancing until 4am. 
Here's to face-timing your parents. 
Here's to falling in love. 
Here's to falling out of love. 
Here's to grand gestures. 
Here's to wearing whatever the fuck you want.
Here's to rom coms. 
Here's to sending risky text messages. 
Here's to walking until blisters form. 
Here's to Harry Potter marathons on Sunday's.
Here's to getting a new outfit and trying it on once you get home. 
Here's to hugging strangers on the street at 2 am.
Here's to the bonding that happens with drunk girls in restrooms. 
Here's to running away from 19 year olds in middle school British clubs. 

Here's to confessing feelings.
Here's to cold pizza.
Here's to guys who walk you home.
Here's to Vine threads. 
Here's to spending two hours straight watching wedding videos and crying.
Here's to the blazer trend finally being back. 
Here's to cutting off loose ends.
Here's to finding your worth. 
Here's to rolling around in the leaves with your friends after a night out. 
Here's to coming home to a made bed. 
Here's to happiness. 


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