Promises to Self

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Because we all need to eat cucumbers and do yoga here and there. . . 

Here's the cheesy as fuck moment. We were on a train going through Switzerland and we were passing these random cottages on open prairies and mountains consumed in fog. Long story short I was listening to my emotional playlist and looking out the window thinking HOLY CRAP LIFE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND WHAT'S HAPPENING IN MY LIFE CURRENTLY IS SO BEAUTIFUL. 

I want to feel like that everyday. And ever since then I have. 

I feel like I talk about self love 24/7 yet I can't think of anything I'd do in my day to day life that actually enforced caring for myself. I made new promises to myself of things to do on a daily basis to appreciate life and to appreciate myself. 

If you're in a rut, make some promises to yourself. Write em out. Put them on your wall. Set reminders on your phone, I don't care what it takes, just make it happen, make time for yourself. 

Promises to Self:

1) Once a week, make a family brunch with my friends. 
Put on the fall music playlist. Open up the windows. Laugh about the night before. Burn the french toast. Make mimosas out of fresh squeezed oranges. Talk about life over cleaning dirty dishes. Hug and go our ways. 

2) Cook yourself some damn food. 
Tie your hair up. Go to the store and buy ingredients. Pull out the old family recipes and get cooking. Find therapy in hours spent by yourself listening to music and chopping up vegetables in the kitchen. Put quality food into your body, as my mom would say "You can't put a price tag on health."

3) Put the past in the past. 
Be open to meeting new people finally. Text back the nice boy for once. Stop giving people who don't deserve any more chances chances. How you let people treat you can say a lot about what you think you deserve, let yourself deserve more. 

Treat your body well, keep working out, do some morning yoga before class. You always feel better after and you'll thank yourself down the road. 

Keep making lists.

Lists are my favorite.

& call your mom. 


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