Sunday, October 1, 2017

Why does it seem like 3 year old me knew what was up more than I do now?

I'm taking a break. 
I think breaks are good. 

Is this what watching 10 hours of Black Mirror does to you? 

I think I post a lot about things that would make my dad say "Lindsey, employers will see that!"
I've always liked it though. I think it's nice to just put it all out there. Want to hear about my awful breakup? Here it is. Want to know about my night at a sketchy British dance club? Let me write it up really quick. I think being open is good. This one's about social media.

I cried like a baby on my terrace for all of Trastevere to hear at 2am last night. I think we all need a breakdown here and there to stay sane and to put things into perspective.

-says the girl who works in social media.

It really is though. It's weird to think of a time when I was younger when all I had was my mom's old flip phone and the only number I had on it was my uncle who would call everyday because he'd forget that it wasn't her phone anymore. Then things got a lot more complicated. I needed to tell the world via Facebook that my middle school friends and I were going to Target on a Friday night, and then I needed to post my selfie on Instagram to hit 12 likes. I don't even know what point it's at now.

I went on a trip recently and met up with someone that I knew of but haven't spent time with before. In the conversation between the first and second beer, the line "Well, you're good at Instagram, that's your thing," came out. Harmless, he was just being nice, BUT HOW DID WE GET TO A POINT WHERE POSTING PICTURES OF YOURSELF IS A TALENT.

Long story short I think I kind of lost myself along the way of trying to figure out how I wanted to be perceived. I've been craving the middle school flip phone with my uncle's phone number recently.
I want to call people and talk to them about their days. 
I want to print out my pictures from trips and grab coffee with people and talk about what I did. 
I feel like it's all out there now and people don't feel the need to be personal with anyone anymore because they already know what they ate for breakfast that morning via Instagram story.

I'm going to pull the classic girl on Twitter "Taking a break from social media ✌🏻" post. 

Delete the apps for a while, make some pasta, go for some night walks, start eating more vegetables, stop drinking, make more art, work on something that makes me excited, FaceTime people more, write some letters, pack some picnics, hike some mountains, write a lot.

A playlist to sing along to as you spend your whole night making extravagant pasta in your underwear:

go find yourself. 

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