What Went Down In Budapest

Saturday, November 25, 2017

New York is no longer the city that doesn't sleep . . .

It's 3am and I'm in bed writing a blogpost. Mainly because I don't want to forget a single thing about Budapest but also because my sleep schedule is the most messed up thing you'll ever come across. 


(I'm going to be a little vague for parts and then leave it to my personal journal to remind me of certain points because the internet is a scary place to be extremely open on. I like to push it, but just enough) 

LET'S START THE SCENE. 4 am, Thursday morning.
-booked taxi
-took taxi to airport
-realized Nick didn't have his passport
-turned around and got passport
-got on plane with some serious anxiety leftover from thinking we'd miss it
-stepped into the freezing cold, took a bus to the hostel
-got our beds and met up with Colton, Nick's friend from Philly who decided to spontaneously buy a ticket to Budapest for Thanksgiving break
-decided to buy tickets for every event possible in Budapest
-started to walk to the thermal baths
-ended up hiking up a hill instead and got this view of budapest
-walked down to the Gellert thermal bath
-watched Nick and Colton embarrass themselves as they screamed while entering an ice bath in a quiet zone spa area
-Ran between the Finnish sauna and the outdoor ice bath
-stumbled upon a Christmas market 
-decided to head back to hostel and get ready for the night
-Met some cool people at the hostel bar
-started walking to a boat
-met Danielle at some point on the walk, decided to force myself into her friend group for the rest of the trip
-went on the boat and danced around and had great girls bathroom conversations as we passed some of the most beautiful sights I've ever scene (key words for my future self to remember- mouse in jumpsuit, champagne, dance floor, those two brothers, Georgie with hair, under bridge kiss-HAHA)
-walked to a local club (forever remember the bathroom)
-Woke up the next morning
-stayed in bed until noon
-ran into an Australian guy I met the night before 
-decided to go out for breakfast and ate the greatest avocado toast of my life
-walked back to hostel and slept again until we had to leave
-realized I only brought healed booties to climb caves, borrowed sneakers from the sweetest hostel worker in the whole world
-started walking as a group to go caving
-thought we were lost until a guy who looked like Indiana Jones approached us at the train station and introduced himself as our tour guide
-made it to the caves, changed into some of the coolest outfits ever
-climbed and squeezed through some scary holes, listed to Nick loudly swear each time we approached a scary section
-turned all of our lamps off in a big opening and sang build me up buttercup acapella style in a completely dark and silent cave
-finished three hours later completely covered in dirt and sweat
-went to another Christmas market and got some hot food and warm wine, laughed and talked about stories of love and parents and everything else under the sun
-got back to the hostel, got ready, went to ruin bars 30 minutes later
-Bar hopped, ran around secret places, explored the basements, got official bar tours from the cute New Zealander who I later danced like a manic to 90's hits with, so much hair flipping. 
-decided to go back to hostel to pack since our flight was in an hour
-took a side trip with Kim and ended up at a fried chicken restaurant where we laughed about inappropriate things really loudly. 
-got back to hostel and found Nick 5 minutes before we were supposed to leave
-got in the taxi 
-Nick decided he wanted to stay in Budapest and made the driver pull over and ran out of the taxi
-Nick then proceeded to run back into the taxi one minute later
-taxi driver didn't speak english and was genuinely terrified
-somehow made it to the airport at 4 am
-fell asleep on the airport chairs
-got on the plane in the FREEZING cold 
-made it home and slept until it was time for dinner
-facetimed my parents and brought up the option of permanently working at a hostel
-continuing to question my life decisions 
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