What Went Down In Paris

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

How many crepes were actually eaten? One will never know. 

Welcome back to the What Went Down series, where I specifically lay out what happened to me in a foreign country and people who don't really care still read about it for some reason. 


A childhood dream since I was able to conceptualize what Paris even was, maybe it was the Kanye influence or maybe it was every line in every rom com ever that went "Let's go to Paris," BUT I WAS GOING TO MAKE IT TO PARIS ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. And I happily did. 


Let's start from the morning of November 10th and start this diary of a blogpost. 

-Woke up at 4am and rolled out of bed to some perfectly folded piles of clothes to put on 
-The next 20 minutes were a blur of brushing teeth and me lying on the floor for no reason
-Had two cups of coffee
-Got a cab
-Arrived at airport and flew to Paris
-Navigated the frustrating transportation system 
-Arrived at the airbnb
-First crepe run
-Went to Musée D'Orsay, saw the larger collection of Monet's ever 
-Stumbled upon Notre Dame, ran through a bunch of pigeons
-Went grocery shopping for a picnic

Let's pause and acknowledge Meg, who was in Paris with me, and who somehow had a magical way of turning grocery aisles and rainy outdoor coffee shops into photoshoot sets and who said "fuck it," multiple times with me. 

-Went to the Eiffel Tower, sat and ate our dinner (bread, the best jam in the world, some quality cheese, some not so quality cheese, lots of rosé)
-Danced and laughed and chased off rats and watched the lights go off
-Said "THIS ISN'T REAL" a lot of times
-Tried to somehow do a photoshoot that involved us taking over the dead center of the Eiffel Tower and getting down on the ground
-Went home and passed out
-Woke up and went to corner coffee shop
-Ordered a piece of cake instead of the expensive brunch
-Paid and then asked to bring a coffee cup outside for pictures and made the baristas laugh 
-Went to the Louvre
-Wasn't sure what to do with life after awkwardly standing in front of the Mona Lisa and not knowing what to do with our hands
-Left and walked around the streets aimlessly trying to find food
-Ended up in a really expensive shopping district where we couldn't even afford a single macaroon
-Somehow stumbled upon a PRET and stuffed our faces with 1.50 croissants and weird quesadillas
-Went to the Arch De Triomphe
-It was down-pouring rain with wind at this point
-Tried to figure out how to actually get to the arch, which ended with us somehow entering through an exit and dodging the security line. 
-Did some more dancing and running in the rain. 
-Bought the second crepe of the weekend (there was a deal that involved a can of coke, CMON PEOPLE)
-Bought myself a rose because get your own damn flowers
-Stopped in every souvenir shop possible to find meg a patch, ended successfully  
-Revisited Notre Dame at night
-Went home and re energized
-Went out to a late night dinner in a cute little restaurant we found that had movie posters all over the walls and candles all over
-Turned out the food was Italian 
-Did we eat Italian pasta in France when we're studying abroad in Rome? Yes, we did
-Talked about passions and laughed about secrets and dreams over rosé
-Realized we had a flight at 5 am in the morning
-Heard screams coming from a corner pub on the way home
-Made eye contact with Meg and both smiled, then proceeded to BOOK IT towards the pub
-Got beer and cider and screamed for the wrong rugby team 
-Headed out 
-Stumbled upon a restaurant with neon lights outside of it on the walk home in the rain
-Proceeded to have a photoshoot in the rain with said lights shamelessly in front of locals on the street
-Went home, went to bed

-Let's not talk about waking up in the morning and struggling with speaking French and running to the airport bus and making it home very sleep deprived. 

Paris, you truly were nothing but magical, thank you. 


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