A Love Letter to 2017

Friday, December 8, 2017

It's almost 2018, it's about time love letters become visual.

I feel like I almost have so much to say about this year that it's a struggle to try and find the right words to actually put down and compile into a blogpost.

This post is dedicated to the year of self-love.
The year of self-discovery.
The year of dream jobs.
The year of new friends from around the world.
The year of running to airports at 3am.
The year of crying over FaceTime to friends across oceans.
The year of last minute bus tickets to New York.
The year of running into oceans.
The year of pure bliss.
Pure bliss. 

It's hard to wrap my head around how much I've grown within 365 days. I remember sitting in bed at the beginning of this year and worrying about the dumbest things. Am I good enough to get this job. How do I get this boy like me. Should I start watching my weight. Will I make enough money. Will they look at me weird if I wear this. I literally feel like a new human.

This year consisted of buying a plane ticket to visit my best friend in New York and running around the city in the freezing cold with my brothers, meeting a friend at a coffee shop in the worst blizzard ever while wearing cut-out shoes. Dancing my heart out.

Packing a backpack and hiking part of the Appalachian Trail. Getting blisters all over both feet and washing the dirt off in fresh streams leading to waterfalls. To getting lost in the rain and having to go to the bathroom as the sun started to disappear. To feeling the most connected with nature that I've felt in years.

Getting my dream job and running piles of clothes from fashion closets to photoshoot sets and making small talk with my favorite models. Creating art and meeting people who made me believe that my opinions and visions are important and should be heard. Happy hour margaritas and Friday trips to the Megabus station to go to New York for the weekend. Going for runs at night to rooftop views and spontaneous trips to beaches. Going to outdoor DJ sets and running around cities in torrential downpours.

Flying to Rome and living in another country for four months. Planning out weekend trips that always ended in me saying "That was the greatest weekend of my life." Meeting people on boats in Budapest and in pubs in Germany and clubs in London and staying up all weekend running around streets of cities I can't even pronounce. Dancing by myself in the corner of every foreign bar when the song New Rules comes on. Sneaking my way into London fashion week and running around town with the coolest people I've ever encountered. Dancing with bottles of wine at the colosseum and planning picnics under the Eiffel Tower. Learning to appreciate myself for who I am and where I am.

I'm almost already nostalgic of this year and what it contained, but I have a newfound belief that the best is yet to come, so, 

the best is yet to come. 

To 2017, with all my love.

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