What Went Down In Germany

Sunday, December 24, 2017

To the week of runny noses and running to pubs . . .


I'm actually not surprised at all. I was dead for half of this trip and frostbitten for the other half, but for memories sake, LET'S BEGIN. 

I started off being sick from Budapest the last weekend and then preparing for my weekend in Germany with my typical winter plague, which resulted in me going to bed around 7pm some nights and ended with me someone sitting underneath a cold shower completely clothed in a German hostel at 3 am? stay tuned. 

-flew out late from Rome
-arrived in Munich
-met Pia at the airport, took the subway to the city centre
-checked into our hostel 
-got some free hot wine, chugged and left
-realized there wasn't much food around the main city area
-went into mcdonald's (lol)
-walked home and tried to go to bed at 8pm, I suck 

-woke up even more sick, yay!
-experienced snow for the first time this semester
-went to car rental place and somehow convinced the sales guy in german to get us a larger car so one of us wouldn't be in the trunk 
-drove a couple hours to a mountainous region that was EPIC. 
-ended up at some castles
-literally froze my toes on the way up to the castle and stopped in to get some soup and tea 
-missed our tour due to soup and tea
-went into a later tour that lasted 10 minutes, didn't even take a picture of the castle, HAH
-drove back home and felt like death
-got dropped off and tried to go to bed at 7pm, I suck 

-had to deal with couple that was baby talking in hostel room 
-made up elaborate plan to get baby talk couple out of room
-Libby, Jess, Brooke and I went exploring for Christmas markets. 
-ate some market food and pretended like it wasn't just hot dogs and fries.
-stumbled upon Pizza Hut on the way back. 
-I insisted on Pizza Hut
-my dreams came true
-walked back to the hostel

-Brooke and I went to the hostel bar next-door
-met Stew, Danny, and Daniel. 
-decided to walk to a beer garden with some strangers at 10pm
-walked to opposite side of town
-somehow ordered a beer glass the size of my head without realizing it
-ate some strudel and all of the salads the guys weren't eating 
-walked back to hostel bar
-had a snowball fight in the middle of the street
-had some life talks 
-went back to hostel
-got ready for bed and took my medicine
-realized medicine wasn't supposed to be mixed with alcohol
-felt like I couldn't breathe
-called meri at 3am thinking I was going to die
-wrote some last words to people in my phone notes
-sat in a cold shower fully clothed in the hostel to slow my heart rate as people casually walked by 
-decided to not sleep in fear of death 
-watched Netflix until people woke up 


-sort of
-still progressively getting more sick
-went to cute coffee shop with Meg, Brooke, and Pia, where the barista of every human's dreams was working
-revisited Christmas market 
-explored bookstore and the wonderful world of Topshop
-Went back to hostel to grab stuff and went to Meg's Airbnb. 

-stopped by cool soup place near Airbnb that has quality packaging and fancy soup to go.
-drank soup in two minutes
-napped on Meg's floor
-napped in Meg's fancy bed
-napped on floor again
-took train to airport

-somehow got a whole row of seats to myself on the flight back 
-happily made it home to my own bed and continued to die from my sickness (the sickness has not left and it's been over a month, EAT YOUR VEGETABLES CHILDREN).

Munich left me with some good memories. I wouldn't recommend anyone to travel if they feel deathly ill, but if you're in Europe for only two more weeks, yolo. 

Here's to oversized beers and castles. 


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