What Went Down in DC

Sunday, November 11, 2018

I'm just going to start this off by saying never eat buffalo chicken pizza at 3 am to try and prevent a hangover. It'll make things worse.


The series where I write vague, step-by-step timelines of what I did in different countries/cities/let's be real, bars. I mainly write these so I can re-read them years down the road, but I mainly think I'm just going to regret them when people start blackmailing me with them or my parents pull the "Internet is forever Lindsey!"

With that being said, let's do this.  

-Left work and headed to 30th street station
-Somehow told myself Wendy's was a smart decision, it wasn't
-got on the jam-packed train to DC
-Arrived and met Meg in the rain
-decided we wanted to go to the bars, dressed to go to the bars, went outside, decided to go back home. 
-stopped at grocery store and got large bag of frosted animal crackers(important)
-watched Sabrina until we went to sleep

-Woke up and went to brunch, got the Lox bagel of your DREAMS
-walked around little leaf covered residential streets that would make your heart hurt
-went out and explored all of the monuments
-went back to Meg's and started getting ready for the halloween bar crawl
-ran around DC in zombie makeup
-went to the SiPS 2.0 with the tiny mugs. rip.
-Waited in line for Madhatter(vodka and gingerale lol)
-Got into Madhatter and danced our lifes away for the rest of the night
-went to a slice store, ordered 2, needed 1. 
-went home and took a shower with white towels while I was covered in black face makeup

-somehow recovered from Saturday.
-went to a cute little part of town and stopped in a bar for an unecessary cheese platter
-Shopped dow the row, hit up FP, couldn't get away
-went back home and watched Sabrina while Meg made homemade potato soup
-ran to the train station in the rain again, holding a mason jar of leftover soup in one hand and animal crackers in the other
-got back home at midnight
-woke up at 7 for work 

With love and tequila, Lindsey.
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