Moving to New York

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

I think this topic could be made into a book if I'm being honest, but for the sake of all our time, I'm breaking it into two sections.

Section 1: Finally working up the courage to move/finding a home. 

Section 2: Getting chewed-up and then spit out by NY a month later- won't touch on what the last month has consisted of until there's a happy ending lol. 

Well, here we are, 2020. I'm at my recently acquired desk eating questionable pizza rolls since our freezer is broken- 
How did we get here? let's begin. 

 (1) Anna on the phone with her lawyer father who we forced into reading my contract, (2) Magda and Keegan trying to find me housing via social media lol, (3) me sleeping on the ground of a random sublet. 

I felt really stuck last year. I would go to New York every weekend and then I'd have emotional bus rides back to Philly late on Sunday nights, making every Monday at work more and more dreadful. There came a point where I told everyone I was just going to leave, so I guess I did. Things moved strangely fast. A timeline of my move according to my memory: 

Oct 1- Interested in job. 
Oct 11- Interviewed.
Oct 15- Got the job offer. 
Nov 1- last day at work. 
Nov 1- Got a Uhaul and drove to NY.
Nov 4- First day. 

 (1) Keegan driving a Uhaul to New York- would strangely recommend, nice view? (2) Nick proudly sitting in our finally found apartment, (3) realizing we live two blocks from Mcdonalds and that my Freshman 15 is about to reappear. 

I don't know what's funnier, my Uhaul experiences or my apartment search. Let's start in chronological order with apartment hunting, which in fact turned out successful due to my roommate being out and calling a broker at 2am ten minutes after the apartment was posted online. 
I can't believe I'm not going to write a whole autobiography based just on my apartment search because I think it would be pure gold, but to sum it up, one time I went to an apartment that used catfish photos online and once I arrived with the broker the girl living there claimed she didn't want to move out and the landlord is crazy and she has no heat. I politely said goodbye to the agent and then mentally bumped up my budget 200 dollars. 

The Uhaul portion feels like an inside joke so I'm going to write it in strange bullets just so I don't forget it. 
-Uhaul from Philly to NY cancelled the day before the move.
-Dropped off Uhaul on a random street and wanted to break our phones due to the app.
-Second Uhaul driver called me and says he'll be late because he has to go to church but "owes the boss man one."
-Waited in the pouring rain for Uhaul-met nice man also moving.
-Owner said he "doesn't care about the rules" so we took the Uhaul for the whole day and drove to Ikea for meatballs. 

Whatever the fuck you call my current stage.
(1) The first day I decided to walk around and take some time to take photos,  (2) Me enjoying a 2020 mimosa because why the hell not, (3) My new desk setup that is here thanks to one uberXL that hated me and one very nice lady on Facebook Marketplace. 

I think the majority of this post is for me to look back on one day and hopefully laugh at it. Another portion of it is to acknowledge that if you want to go somewhere, go. I'm 240% more unstable post-move and I honestly don't regret anything and wish I would have taken a leap sooner, so please reach out if you ever need someone to convince you to move. 
(I told myself I wouldn't write about Section 2 until I have a happy ending to put with it, so now we all anxiously await to see if New York wants to cut me a break or not yet.)
Until then, make yourself a mimosa and go for a walk. Send some I miss you texts. 

With love and tequila,
Lil Linds. 

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